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3 Tips for Moving up in stakes

3 Tips for Moving up in stakes

From newbies to experienced pokers, everyone wants to know how they can consistently move up in stakes, from micro-stakes to low stakes in that order until you get to high stakes. Anyone playing poker games to earn profits would at some point want to move up in stakes so that they could earn more money within a short period. However, you need to understand the process so you can move up successfully. This article gives you some useful tips you must consider when moving stakes in online 홀덤 poker. Have a look.

  • Your bankroll

The first thing to look at is your bankroll if you want to consistently move up stakes in online poker, especially when playing cash games. If you’re playing cash games for leisure and fun, then 20 buy-ins are just enough. But, for a full-term professional gambler, you’ll need at least 50 buy-ins. That said, you can only think of taking shots if your bankroll is fat because a hiccup on it means no moving up. But then again, you shouldn’t move completely forgetting about your current stake unless you now feel confident enough to do so.

Here’s when it’s recommended to move up the next stake without looking back finally. You feel that you’ve been at your best level and that you’ve done enough study, occasionally playing on the next level. You’re so confident of yourself and in control of the table; that’s the right time to take a shot.

  • Know the best time to take shots

The right time to take shots is during the peak seasons when those playing for fun are in great numbers. During that time, the casino would be playing softer games. That is, on Friday and Saturday nights. You shouldn’t limit yourself to only these two nights, though, because it will take you time to move up your level finally. Keep taking a shot consistently while studying the table to gain some skills because that’s all you need to move up in stakes. Never allow a single failure to put you down. Instead, pick yourself up and try again and again until you’re ready.

  • Your mental state

Your mental health, too, needs consistent improvement, just like your strategies, so that you could move up in stakes consistently. See how you can build your resilience, endurance, and most importantly, your mental prowess, so you can win in online poker. We all get how nervous one can be when they put their name on a higher stake list and when you see a much higher amount than the one you’re used to. But, be confident enough that your A-game strategy will work. Again, don’t let a single shot failure put you down; rise and take another shot till you win.