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How to Bet and Win: 5 Sports with High Odds

How to Bet and Win: 5 Sports with High Odds

Sports betting is a form of gambling which has been popular for hundreds of years, if not more. Part of its popularity is attributed to the fact that you can study a sport, learn patterns and notice any predictability in player or team win ratios. If you do your homework, study statistics and pick the right sport, you can greatly increase your win-to-loss ratios. Let’s talk about the top 5 easiest sports to bet on and win.


1. Basketball


In basketball, even a novice bettor can clearly see a competitive unbalance among the teams. If a team is the worst of the current season, common sense tells you to not bet on that one. Analyze each teams’ history and you have a good chance to place a winning bet. It’s not unusual for a team to run an entire season undefeated, which presents excellent odds for you.


2. Tennis


Tennis is hands-down one of the easiest sports to successfully bet on. It has nowhere near the number of variables as a more complicated sport such as baseball does. Tennis often presents very predictable odds. You frequently see the same couple of players win every match. This means that simple studying of a player’s recent performance history is enough to decide who to bet on and most likely win. It’s recommended to place bets on the strongest players early into a tournament.


3. Horse Racing


Some people aren’t keen on horse betting, because they think each horse has an equal chance and that it’s a sport which is difficult to predict. That’s far from the truth. When you look up each racehorse’s past race history, you’ll see picking a high-odds horse to bet on is highly predictable. A great resource to use in order to do your homework is a tool known as a “racing form.” The racing form will give you much of the information you need to know to make an informed bet.


4. Cricket


Betting on cricket games is similar to tennis, in the fact that a strong pattern can be determined without much difficulty or uncertainty. Choose teams that not only frequently win, but also coordinate well together with few recent blunders. Some teams have better defense, while others are better batters or throwers. These variables all come into play, so make sure you go beyond only analyzing the win rate history.


5. Football


Football bets are the most popular form of sports betting, this includes betting on both college football and the NFL. Since it’s so popular, there are numerous resources and training materials out there to help beginners learn. In college football especially, it becomes apparent early into each season which teams are playing strong or not. Make sure you research the players in key positions and keep track of their mistakes. Sometimes great players can have a string of bad games, then go back to playing strong. Like tennis, football is played only part of the year, which means it can be a good idea to gain knowledge about several sports so that you have other sports to bet on for most of the year if you choose.



While there are many sports out there, these are 5 that are often considered the easiest to bet on and win. Remember, only gamble with money you can afford to lose, and play responsibly. If you take your gambling seriously and invest your time into learning the skillset, you can do extremely well. If you are ready to give it a whirl, check out Bónus da 1xbet Portugal for some nice starting bonuses!