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Lottery: USA vs. Europe – how they differ from each other.

Lottery: USA vs. Europe – how they differ from each other.

Lotto is the national lottery of many countries, including America, Canada, France, and Germany. It takes place every week (sometimes more than that), with new numbers being drawn every week. Players can bet on the outcome of the next lotto draw by entering their prediction into one of many lottery terminals.

But how do the lottery systems differ from the US to let’s say Germany? Let’s take a look.



Powerball is a drawout lottery. It consists of one drum including 69 white balls and one drum including 26 red balls. If you want to play the Powerball lottery you need to select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls and one number from 1 to 26 for the red balls – the so called POWERBALL. If you draw the correct five white balls and the powerball (6 numbers total) you’ll win the Jackpot.

The Jackpot starts at $40m and increases by $10m everytime the Jackpot is not awarded. Subsequently the Jackpot tends to reach hundreds of millions quite fast and often.

A ticket to play Powerball costs aroung $3.0 you can get it at a lottery counter or you can also get your ticket online at site like Play Home Win.

Powerball drawings are done three times every week and the winners are drawn on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday  at exactly 10:59 PM.

Winning odds:

  • 5x White Balls and the Powerball: 1: 292.202.338
  • 5x White Balls, but no Powerball: 1 : 11.688.054
  • 4x White Balls and the Powerball: 1 : 913.129
  • 4x White Balls, but no Powerball: 1 : 36.525
  • 3x White Balls and the Powerball: 1 : 14.494

For anything else you only win a few dollars.

Rules of Powerball:


In Europe (Germany) the lottery is called “6 aus 49”. Lotto is a famous and popular gambling activity in Germany and has been active for several decades and recently had a milestone Jackpot of 45 million EURO.

The idea is to guess 6 correct numbers out of 49. In addition, you also need the correct “Super Zahl” to get the jackpot. The Super Zahl goes from 0 to 9.

The six numbers and the Super Zahl are drawn twice per week on Wednesday and Saturday live on german TV.

If you are lucky enough to have six correct numbers, this does not mean that you are a millionaire right away. If, for example, 10 other players besides you have picked the same numbers, the winnings will be divided by 10players.

To take part in the lottery you need to fill out a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket is divided into twelve sections, which are completely identical. Each area contains 49 boxes numbered from 1 to 49. Each of the twelve areas represents a separate chance of winning. However, the more areas you fill in, the more expensive the lottery ticket becomes.

Winning probability:

  • 6x numbers + Super Zahl: 1 : 139.838.160
  • 6x numbers without Super Zahl: 1 : 15.537.573
  • 5x numbers + Super Zahl: 1 : 542.008
  • 5x numbers without Super Zahl: 1 : 60.223
  • 4x numbers + Super Zahl: 1 : 10.324
  • 4x numbers: 1 : 1.147

For anything less than 4 correct numbers you’ll only win a few Euros.

Rules (in German):