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Online Casinos-Are They Beatable?

Online Casinos-Are They Beatable?
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Can Online Casinos Be Beaten At Their Own Game?

If you are a player of or least curious about online gambling, then you’ve seen the ads for books, kits, and videos with loads of techniques for defeating those pesky casino algorithms. Or perhaps promises or advertising from the casinos themselves, offering plenty of incentives to play and lots of huge jackpots to win. And with all of the free and bonus points that these online gaming sites offer, it would certainly seem as though players had at least some outside chance of being “the man/woman who broke the bank at digital Monte Carlo”. And then there are those who would warn you that those who would play at these sites never win. That in addition to losing gambling money players risk identity theft, leading to even greater consequences. Who is correct?

Be Aware That Winning At Online Gambling Can Be Expensive

Among the many myths surrounding online gambling is that it is less addictive than playing at a physical casino. In reality, not only is it just as addictive as “physical” gambling, the convenience of being able to play literally anywhere and conceal it makes this type of gaming even more dangerous for gambling addicts. The second big myth is that online gambling is completely “free”. It’s true that casinos will make games available to play at no cost online. But this is done for casino advertising purposes, and it’s not possible to win actual money playing these particular games. Players should be aware that online casinos operate on the same core principle as their brick and mortar ones. To wit: casinos may have to dole out a little money to keep players playing. But they support themselves and make profits because players are paying them far more money then they’ll ever pay to the players. In the case of online casinos, “real” players are required to deposit funds in an online account before playing. At many online casinos, certain deposit levels must exist before “free spins”, etc. can be applied. Since casinos are assuming that the bigger your account the more you’ll eventually have to lose, resist their encouragement in building your accounts.

No Sure-Fire Techniques

Despite all of the hype, there are no formulas for winning at online gaming. The vast majority of online casinos feature slots games. The developers of these games have programmed the software that powers these “spins” (and card draws, etc.) to be completely random. This means allowing players to occasionally win in order to keep players playing. And since you’re playing against a computer and graphics, this means that you’re losing the slight and occasional advantage of human error and malfunctioning equipment that a “physical” casino sometimes offers. However, if you really can’t beat that digital house, there are ways to statistically increase the chances of occasional smaller wins or at least breaking even:

  • never gamble more than you can afford to lose
  • don’t be rushed into placing bets
  • avoid games that seem “easy” to win, such as slots-the opposite is really true
  • place conservative bets on games with no or non-progressive jackpots
  • stop playing when you start losing
  • choose a good site like sbobet

And always play these games simply for fun, not with the goal of winning millions. Doing so will keep you both healthier and wealthier in the long run.


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