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These tips for gambling on online roulette for beginners will help you win

These tips for gambling on online roulette for beginners will help you win

Gambling on online roulette for anyone, but specifically for beginners, is fun. After all, the game is fast-paced, can be lucrative and comes with loud music, flashing lights and beautiful animation. It is no wonder the number of people playing it every year increases rapidly.

Winning at online roulette (for instance on Liveonlineroulette.net/fi/), however, is a different story. Follow these tips, though, and you may discover your win rate increases quickly.


Calculate a daily maximum bankroll — One of the problems with online roulette is it is so much fun, players often get carried away. That allows them to keep gambling even when they are on a long losing streak, while spending money they cannot afford to lose.


This is why you should always have calculated your daily maximum bankroll before you place your first bet, then never gamble more than that. This will allow you to return another day when your luck is better.


Avoid complicated bets — While betting on a specific color and a number at the same time definitely increases the amount you will win, it massively decreases your chances of winning.


Stick to less complicated bets like gambling on the ball landing on red or black when the wheel stops spinning, and you will win far more often.


Play the outside — This means betting on an even or an odd number, on red or black coming up next, or placing bets on a number of slots that are in sequence.


By doing this, you can increase your chances of winning by up to 50 percent each time the wheel spins and stops.


A strategy can be key — Some gamblers on online roulette double their next bet when they win. Others half their next bet.


Figure out a strategy that will allow you to play for a couple of hours and build your bankroll, and then stick to it for the evening. If it does not work for you, then try the opposite the following night.


Always save a percentage of every win — Decide on a percentage of every win you do not want to spend, and make sure you always put that amount aside after each win. That is your walking away money and is money you will never use to gamble no matter how desperate you become.


European roulette has higher win rates — While it may not seem to be that important, when you consider an American roulette wheel has one more slot than a European roulette wheel, you will realize your chances of winning are higher if gambling on a European wheel.


This is due to having 38 slots on an American wheel and 37 on its European counterpart.



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