Starting to play online casino games can be very confusing if you have not done it before. It can be stressful if you are not good at games or have no experience in gambling on them.

This is why experts recommend starting your online gambling career by playing these top three online casino games first. They are all games beginners can easily learn.

The slot machines — The easiest games in any judi online casino are the slots. These games require no more skill than deciding how much you want to spend, how many win lines you will bet on with each spin and then hitting the button to start the reels spinning.

You can also change the amount you gamble with each spin by simply betting on more or fewer win lines.

Bingo — If you are like most people, you have probably played bingo offline already. Playing it online is not any different and does not require any special skills.

If you are still unsure about playing, you can begin by playing one bingo card at once. Then as your skills improve, you can add two, three or more bingo cards so that you have more chances of winning with each game.

Blackjack — Watch a few YouTube videos of how to play blackjack before you start, and you will find this card game very easy to learn.

Just be sure you can count cards up to 21 and that you understand the simple rules of the game.

Other than that, the only other things you need to know are that blackjack games go quickly, and your chances of winning could be high as it is only you against the dealer in each game.

Start your online gambling with these top three online casino games and you should enjoy your experience immensely.