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What makes a bot difficult to beat?

What makes a bot difficult to beat?

A bot is difficult to beat because it has an edge when it comes to the statistics and chances of a shuffle. This means that if the bot will stick to its game, it won’t lose money. This doesn’t meant though that it can’t lose. Humans can beat bots especially when they rely on luck. There is always that chance that a bot is going to have a bad card on its hand.


Given the fact that the bots are following the same type of game strategy for most of its games, because it has been programed to do so, humans can predict how bots behave. This means that they can take advantage of these opportunities to win a game. However, keep in mind that there is always that chance that you will have to sacrifice a couple of games, not to mention, learn from your losses.

One important factor that human players have to consider is the fact that bots don’t have human emotions. This means that it doesn’t really have an idea of whether or not losing money brings a bad feeling in the morning that you don’t want to play poker for weeks.

Note the difference between human and bots

You need to understand the game if you really want to become a good poker player regardless if it is against a bot or a human. Next, always keep in mind that there are possible losses. However, you should always make sure that you learn from these mistakes. Try to take note of the tendencies and things that bots do differently in contrast to human reactions.

You will be able to adjust your game depending on who you go up against. You will be surprised that these small adjustments can help you win big in the long run.

Part of an online casino’s job is to prevent people from winning all the time. Let’s accept the fact that if everyone can beat bots, you will most likely end up with a bankrupt online casino. If you are playing against a bot, don’t forget the fact that it wasn’t designed to be unbeatable given that luck can also be a factor.


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