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Why Tight and Aggressive Style Remains the Best Option for an Online Poker Beginner

Why Tight and Aggressive Style Remains the Best Option for an Online Poker Beginner

The dilemma that grips most beginners of online poker is the choice of style worth engaging. In most scenarios, the numerous styles existing for online poker games prove more confusing than it can be imagined. When looking out for a perfect choice for use in the games, one needs to look out for specific styles that allow you to model your game in a way that meets your desired needs. In the same light, it also caters for the ease through which you can engage your opponents in any circumstance present. From such insights, your selection should drive you into choosing the tight and aggressive style as the most viable style for a beginner.

The Basics of Tight and Aggressive

Firstly, you need some enlighten on the choice of words used in this style. For instance, the word ‘tight’ means that you play the strong hands as you fold the weak ones. While for the ‘aggressive,’ it means you have the chance to bet and even raise and more importantly, you seldom make a call. As a beginner, you need to understand that playing tight and aggressive places you in ideal platforms. In these platforms, you are poised to get much profit when you take proper advantage of them. Additionally, sailing through these games also rely on your ability to play by the fundamental rules regardless of situations which allow for bending of rules.

Learning the Skills

When you choose to use the tight and aggressive style, there are two critical skills that the style will instill in you and these are: how to keep tight and how to stay aggressive. With these two skills, you can be sure that you will have minimal challenges as you master the poker game.

Keeping Tight

Starting off, you need to discern whether you have a strong or weak starting hand because, from it, you can dictate the amount of profit that awaits you. In a situation where you are playing against a professional agen poker player, and you also have a weaker starting hand, you only need to fold your card before you even think of flopping, as this progresses, you can be sure that you attain consistency and you become better placed in reaping more profits. It is through this technique that you just play hands only when it favors your game. It is in this process of becoming strict with your choices that enable you to keep tight all the time.

Staying Aggressive

It is one style that ensures you involve yourself in more raises than bets as you seldom make calls. As a beginner, you will find yourself in scenarios where you are playing against an aggressive professional. Well, this should never worry you because you will only be required to put your best hand and ‘charge aggressively’ in equal measure. It suffices to say that you will only need to maintain consistency as you bet because the strong hand will work wonders for you in the poker game. Lastly, avoid playing passively at all costs since it will only make your pot smaller as your opponent ‘charges’ aggressively towards you in this game.


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