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3 TOP sports to bet on in 2020

3 TOP sports to bet on in 2020

Every gambler is always looking for value from each game they bet on. The aim is to beat bookies like 토토사이트 in their own game. It would help if you always remembered that a bookie never loses. In as much, there are many sports gamblers; still there are misconceptions about sports betting. It leaves many questions such as “what is the best sport to bet on?” and “what is the best market to bet on?” In this article on the three top sports to bet on in 2020, we will explore the bets you can easily win.


This game was invented in the United Kingdom and has become the most popular sport in the world. For instance, the premier league is the most-watched league in the whole world. It has a dedicated fan base drawn from every country on the planet. Football is also the most straightforward game to bet on. It is also the game that is talked about by many people, with some giving predictions online.

There are two groups of people who bet as far as football is concerned. The first group bets only when big games are playing. The second group bet only when the teams they support are playing. However, there are still those who would bet on a team as long the odds look fine. Some of the predictions you can bet on include double chance, over/under, draw no bet, and Handicap.


Even though horseracing doesn’t attract much of a fan base as football, it is still one of the most popular games among punters. In most horse races, you will find people placing wagers on the horse they think will win the race. For instance, during the Cheltenham Festival in 2017, punters placed bets of more than 195 million dollars.

If you place a show bet, you are expecting your horse to be in first, second, or third. Although the risk of loss is smaller, the payout is low compared to if you placed a win. If you make a place bet, you are putting your money on a horse that will come in second or third.


Tennis is also one of the most popular games today that was invented in the United Kingdom. It is the most popular sport among UK punters. It has become even more popular with the advent of live betting. With this game, you can bet on every game, match, set, and point.

This sport attracts casual betters meaning you can acquire great value from it. You can place an outright bet, which means that you are predicting the winner of the tournament. This bet has the best payout than other types of bets. The handicap betting gives you a chance to bet on your player’s score.