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Is poker still the most popular game in online casinos?


If someone was to ask you if you knew what was the most popular game in online casinos at the moment, chances are you may answer poker.

That being said, is poker actually the most popular game in online casinos or has another game gained more popularity?


How popular is poker? — While poker is one of the most popular games in almost every online casino, it depends on the specific casino as to whether the game is its most popular game.

Take casinos owned by Indonesian companies for instance. Poker is definitely played by many people on them, but Indonesians also enjoy playing games like pai gow as well.

In online casinos such as 예스카지노 frequented by Asians, poker is played but so are the slots, blackjack and roulette. The same goes for people in Europe and North America.

In other words, yes poker is a very popular game in online casinos around the world and is likely to always be in the top five games that are played online in any given year.

This is generally due to the millions of people playing the game either in local poker games or at home with family and friends. Millions of people who, when they decide to gamble online, usually play the game they love the best.

Whether it is the most popular, however, depends on the specific casino and often the nationality of those playing on it.


What are other popular games in online casinos? — When it comes to the top five games played in most casinos, roulette, blackjack, the slot machines and baccarat are usually in the top five along with poker.

These games vary in popularity depending on the casino and the region of the world from where most of its players originate.


Why you should start with the most popular games? — Most people have played one of the top five games either in an offline casino or at home with friends long before they get online and register to gamble.

That means there will always be at least one game they are familiar with before they even begin to play. A game that will allow them to get comfortable and settled in before they start looking for other games to gamble on.

Starting with these familiar games is a smart thing to do. After all, when you are first getting used to a new online platform, you will get used to it faster if you are using it to play something you already know.

Once you are familiar with the platform, you can then branch out to play some of the other popular games like roulette, the slot machines, blackjack and, of course, poker.