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A few domino qiu qiu strategies

A few domino qiu qiu strategies

Beginner players of domino qiu qiu online often realize quickly the game they are now playing is far different than the one they played at home with their family or friends. It is played faster online, you are expected to play more hands and buying in to the number of games you will need in order to win can be costly.

Following these winning strategies can help beginner domino qiu qiu online players overcome their frustrations, and set themselves up to win big. More information can actually be found on bandarqq.


Work on your gameplay — Playing domino qiu qiu online is fast, challenging and can intimidate new players quickly.

Before you even venture into an online casino, make sure you have the skills necessary to win. Play more games with friends, read strategy books or take online courses. Only when you feel your skills have improved should you register for an online casino.


Ensuring you have enough buy-ins — The first major difference between online and offline gameplay is you will need many more buy-ins in a typical night. That is why, before you even get started playing domino qiu qiu, make sure you have a high enough bankroll.

This should include at least 20 buy-ins per evening, so you have enough time to maximize your chances of winning.


Keeping a tight rein on your bankroll — Along with having enough money for the buy-ins you will need comes managing your bankroll correctly.

This means knowing how much is in there, how much you can spend daily and then walking away when that day’s money has been gambled. Only by keeping a tight rein on your bankroll can you ever expect to win at domino qiu qiu on a regular basis.


Playing the free games first — One thing a huge number of beginner players miss is the free domino qiu qiu games each online casino offers.

These games are set up to entice new players to their platform, but they can also be a good way to learn the platform and how domino qiu qiu online works. Especially as you can play them for as long as you like.

Play these free domino qiu qiu games for a day or two before you begin gambling for real, and you will see how much better your skills are against other beginner players in the same domino qiu qiu room.


Stay in the low stakes rooms — Too many domino qiu qiu online beginners either move out of the low stakes rooms too quickly, or start at the higher stakes rooms immediately.

Not only will this ensure you lose and lose big, it may put you off playing the game entirely.

Start out with the lower stakes domino qiu qiu rooms, and stick with them until you are consistently winning. Only then should you move up to playing the higher stakes, with the caveat that you can move back down if you find them to be too challenging.