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Popularity of Qiu Qiu Online In Asia

Popularity of Qiu Qiu Online In Asia

Anyone spending any time in an Asian-owned online casino has probably seen qiu qiu online and wondered if it was worth playing. Anyone that entered one of these rooms, however, would usually see mainly Asian gamblers playing it.

After all, the game is one of the most popular online games with people all over Asia. Tens of thousands play it every day, and more are getting online to do so every month.

Why is qiu qiu online so popular with Asians, and is it a game you would enjoy?

Many Asians grow up with the game — The game qiu qiu has been a popular dominoes game in Indonesian for many years. In past years it not only became popular in other Asian countries, it has become popular online as well.

Much of this is primarily due to either Asians who play it offline discovering its online version, or Asians whose family members have played qiu qiu for years.

Not surprising really as, if you were from an Asian country and had watched your mother, father, cousins or other relatives playing qiu qiu at home for years, it is likely it would be the first game you would gravitate towards when you got online.

Similarity to pai gow pulls in Chinese players — The Chinese dominoes game Pai gow has been popular in China and in countries heavily influenced by China for many years.

Qiu qiu is similar to pai gow in many respects, which means it was easy for the game to attract the attention of Chinese gamblers. Including those based in Macau.

Similarity to poker — Asian poker players have also become interested in playing qiu qiu online. The game is similar enough to poker to make it equally enjoyable, but different enough to give any avid poker player a break.

Qiu qiu online has revived the game — While offline qiu qiu began to lose its popularity as gamblers moved onto the Internet, the qiu qiu online version of the game has only increased in popularity.

After all, there are always games available to join, there are all types of gambling levels to play in and jackpots can often be quite large.

Plus, as the online version of the game is beautifully designed with gorgeous graphics and fun sound effects, it is no wonder people enjoy playing it.

Is qiu qiu online a game you would enjoy? — If you enjoy poker, games with dominoes or even just learning a new game, there is a high chance you would enjoy qiu qiu online.

The game is quite fast-paced online, there are many rooms available to play it in and it can be a lucrative game if you can learn to play it well.

In other words, if you are looking for something more unusual to play on the Internet, then qiu qiu online could be a great choice.