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These 3 relatively unknown online poker tips could help improve your game

These 3 relatively unknown online poker tips could help improve your game

Moving from playing poker offline to the online version can be fun. It can also come with frustrations you probably do not experience when playing the game offline. After all, while it is very similar playing online poker than off, there are also differences you should keep in mind.

Follow these three relatively unknown online poker tips, however, and you could find your game improving quite quickly.

Start with fast-fold poker — While this may not be a strategy you have ever tried before, as it really does not work offline, playing fast-fold poker online can increase your chances of winning enormously.

Fast-fold poker basically means you only play two tables at once, instead of the 10 or more many online players play. You then fold quickly when your hand is not a winning one.

This then allows you to immediately switch to another idn poker table. A table where you may be dealt a hand that has far more chance of being a win for you.

Playing fast-fold poker is not only a superb way to learn how to adapt your offline skills to online poker quickly, it also does away with emotions you may feel when playing a longer game. Emotions that may make you decide to go after a winning player in subsequent hands when it would make more sense to concentrate on your own game instead.

With fast-fold poker you have already moved onto another room, and left that poker winner behind.

Play Beat the Clock poker — While it may never have occurred to you to join one of the Beat the Clock poker tournaments that are popular online at the moment, is should have done. After all, this type of poker playing is fast but it does reap results.

Beat the Clock poker is a tournament with up to 48 players online at the same time. Each player is dealt a hand and then plays their usual poker game. As the game commences, players fold or they are pressured into revealing their hands by other players.

If you can stay relaxed and play loose, you can often win in these tournaments. Particularly as anyone who is still in after the clock hits the five minute mark is paid out. Payout is made depending on the number of chips you earned since the clock began its countdown.

Work out a plan for when to move up in limits — One of the things not often talked about when playing poker online is having some kind of plan for moving up in limits.

This is vital if you want to eventually play for the big money, as moving up before you are ready is suicide.

The easiest plan to put into effect is to come up with a win rate you want to have before you do, or a specific ROI. Once you hit either of these, move up to a higher limit.

Remember you can always move back down if things do not go to plan at the higher limit.